Data extraction issue in desktop app


I got an issue on scraping data. I would like to scribe at this url : "price"  and "labels" (of the teams). The scripts is that :

I have entered the following information in the CSS selector:

And it shows me the good results i want in chrome extension :

But when i save it and play it as agent in Data Scraping Studio nothings appears :

So could you please help me to solve this issue i would like to extract all the price in three different files and three different label also.

Posted by Emil Gordon 11 months ago

The page you are crawling is AJAX/JavaScript generated page and you'd need to enable the JS execution in order to load the full DOM content in desktop app and then extractor will use that content to extract the data.

  • Create/Edit you agent
  • Go to advance setting
  • Go to "Web browser" tab
  • Enable "Fetch pages via browser" and also the "Ajax, JavaScript" checkbox
  • Save your agent back and re-start.

AJAX pages crawling

Posted by anonymous 11 months ago

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